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One of the Best Emails I’ve Ever Received

Posted by Zach Maurin on March 26, 2012

Below is an email I received last week from Catherine Houlihan, one of our great ServeNext Organizers for 2011-2012.  It’s inspiring, humbling, and one of the reasons we do this work. I’m grateful for her leadership and moved by the impact of this work on her leadership abilities.

Catherine at a ServeNext/AmeriCorps Alums advocacy strategy session

Hi Zach,

These past two weeks have been some of the toughest since I graduated from college…but I will say this…I have never been so pushy, so innovative, and so confident in my entire life.Those are three words that I have NEVER used to describe myself and I have ServeNext to thank for building those aspects within me; my year with ServeNext was hard and stressful and at times, scary, but somehow, I got through it.

I did things so incredibly outside of my comfort zone this year with ServeNext and it gave me the courage to stand up, speak up, and connect. It proved to me that being an active participant goes a LONG way. So I want to thank you…Thank you for co-founding an organization that not only advocates for an amazing cause, but helped me find my hidden leader. I have so much to take with me going forward.

Thanks again and
Happy St. Patrick’s Day,


Get even more details about the first-hand experience as a ServeNext Organizer from Katherine Jones.  If you like what you see, learn more about the eight open positions around the country (full-time for six  months with health benefits).



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From AmeriCorps Member to National Service Advocate

Posted by Morgan St. Jean on March 22, 2012

Katherine Jones with Sen. Blumenthal

Katherine with Senator Blumenthal

This post was written by ServeNext Organizer Katherine Jones 

My experience as a ServeNext Organizer empowered me to realize that I have a voice and can make a difference. Before my involvement with ServeNext, I wanted to be an advocate for national service, but I didn’t know where to turn or how to start. I felt like I was one of many in the community and that my voice would not be effective in making change. But throughout this year I gained valuable skills and I know now that I can use my voice for any issue that interests me.

I joined ServeNext right after finishing my year of service with AmeriCorps. I knew I wanted to continue being involved in the national service community and to also explore my interest in advocacy. ServeNext gave me the perfect opportunity to combine my passions and further my career at the same time.Through my work as an Organizer, I gained the experience and national network of contacts to make myself a sought-after commodity. The skills needed to be an Organizer are in demand, and it’s no wonder considering how much I’ve been able to accomplish during my time at ServeNext.

The skills I gained through ServeNext are already starting to pay off. I am going back to graduate school and applied for a competitive internship this summer. I was hired for the position and told that I was chosen over other candidates because of my experience with ServeNext.

I am especially proud of the meetings I was able to set up with Congresswoman Rosa Delauro of Connecticut and Congressman Frank Guinta of New Hampshire. Both meetings were very gratifying, but the meeting with Congressman Gunita was most inspirational because we changed his opinionof the value for service in New Hampshire. We were able to put service on the Congressman’s agenda and hopefully it will make a difference in the future when he thinks about cutting funding to national service programs.

The Organizer program is incredibly valuable to communities because the position works to unite the community. In New Hampshire, there were a variety of service professionals that wanted to get involved in advocacy efforts, but, similar to my experience, were unsure of what to do.  As an Organizer, I was able to collaborate with service professionals and work with them on developing ideas and strategies for advocating in their state.

As my term ends with ServeNext, I know that my time spent in New Hampshire ignited a fire that was waiting to be lit in members of the local community where I served and I know that they will continue to make a difference after I have left.

I encourage others who have a passion for national service advocacy to apply to be a ServeNext Organizer. The deadline is April 6 and you can apply online at

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March Madness for National Service

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on March 13, 2012

ImageMarch Madness kicks off today with 68 college basketball teams facing each other in an action packed single elimination tournament.  However there is another great team that needs your attention this month: the ServeNext field team.

Two weeks ago we launched the application for the 2012 ServeNext Organizer positions and I’m thrilled to report we’ve already received a ton of interest.  But before we select our Elite Eight, we need your help to ensure we consider all the top prospects the national service community has to offer.

Nominate an all-star today who you think would be a great fit for our team.

In less time than it takes to complete your tournament bracket, you can give us your picks for who you think should lead our local efforts to advance national service in 2012.  If your nominee submits an application, we’ll send you a free ServeNext t-shirt.  And if your nominee gets hired, we will send you a $50 gift card from

The stakes for national service in 2012 are high.  In basketball, if a team gets eliminated in the tournament they can always try again next year.  For us, we are not that lucky.  If AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and the entire Corporation for National and Community Service gets eliminated, like some in Congress keep pushing to do, there is no next year.

Help us ensure that doesn’t happen.  Make a nomination today or visit for more information.

NOTE: 2012 ServeNext Organizers are full-time positions for a six month term from June through December.  Ideal candidates include service supporters in between jobs, individuals completing their term of AmeriCorps or Senior Corps by June 15th, and retired professionals passionate about national service.

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Be a Part of Something Big – at a Critical Moment

Posted by Zach Maurin on March 6, 2012

ServeNext started the year with two huge announcements.  First, that we’ve merged with ServiceNation.

And last week, that we’re hiring a team full-time field organizers dedicated to fighting for national service programs in politics. The first time in history such a team will exist.

I want to provide some historical context about why this is so exciting and why applying to be one of the first full-time field organizers is a unique opportunity.The eight leaders selected will build on the tremendous work of our last two teams of part-time organizers.

I believe that the next five years is a defining moment for AmeriCorps and the entire concept of national service: will it grow to meet pressing needs or will the cuts continue?

Some will say this isn’t a fair choice because we’re in a tough, recovering economy.  But it’s precisely for that reason – and the increase in social problems as a result – that make this a fair choice.

Tough times can actually accelerate the growth of programs, ideas, and investments because of urgency, the will to act, and the need for solutions.  The question then is will the national service field do enough to win the moment and position itself as one of the top solutions that we know it is.

The answer could define the field for a long time. If we’re unsuccessful at this challenge, then AmeriCorps and other service programs are seen as “nice but not necessary.” If during one of America’s most trying periods national service is seen on the periphery and not a national priority, how can we make the case moving forward that it’s critical?

But at ServeNext we believe that AmeriCorps and other service programs are essential for the nation’s recovery and ability to rebuild.

The challenge is building enough public will to generate the political will in support of this belief. It won’t be easy. It requires that we overcome hyper-partisanship and the spending cuts that Congress has to make.

But doing so is not just about winning a budget battle this year or next (though that’s critical!). It’s about the role of national service in this country moving forward and cementing it as one of the nation’s go-to solutions for pressing challenges.

The idea that 80,000 annual AmeriCorps positions should be 250,000 and eventually a million. The idea of enrolling far more Baby Boomers with time and talents into Senior Corps and Experience Corps. The idea of returning Veterans continuing their service in national service positions as tremendous leaders that our communities need.

These are powerful ideas and we know they work. However, we need to relentlessly educate those in Congress to understand this too – and then relentlessly hold them accountable to support this vision.

The first team of full-time field organizers – called ServeNext Organizers – will be essential in making progress towards this vision at a time when both the present and the future of national service is at stake.

Learn more, apply, or nominate someone today:

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Big News: Hiring Nationwide to Expand Service

Posted by Morgan St. Jean on March 1, 2012

I’m thrilled to announce a major milestone for ServeNext – and even make a little history. 

We’re hiring a team of full-time ServeNext Organizers around the country.

This is a first for the national service movement and one of the exciting benefits of our merger with ServiceNation.  The timing could not be more critical.  The political climate is getting tougher because members of Congress have to make even more spending cuts.

You know that national service is one of the best investments around and deeply needed.  It’s time to get AmeriCorps, Senior Corps and the entire Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) growing again!

We’re looking nationwide for leaders who are deeply passionate about national service and will relentlessly advocate on its behalf.

Can you help us find the best candidates?

We will select eight Organizers to work from June – December in their communities.  The application deadline is April 6.  We’ll be reviewing them on a rolling basis and encourage potential applicants to apply early. For more information

The 2012 field team will build on the tremendous impact of you, our current team of part-time Organizers, Voices for National Service, and tens of thousands more who fought back threats of elimination last year.  They will collaborate with these groups and others going forward to build the strongest voice yet for national service.

Help us spread the word loud and far. Tweetshare on Facebook, forward this email, or use a carrier pigeon — however you can best share this exciting opportunity.

Let us know if you need anything.  And thanks for your help,

Zach, Jerry, Morgan and the entire ServeNext + ServiceNation team

PS – Do you work at a national service organization with a newsletter or blog, know any good job boards, or have other ways to spread the word? Here’s a short description you can post:

ServeNext is looking nationwide for outstanding leaders who are deeply passionate about national service and ready to advocate relentlessly on its behalf.  The eight selected will work from June – December in their communities. We’re reviewing applications on a rolling basis with an April 6 deadline. To apply, learn more, or nominate an outstanding leader, visit

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Weekly Jobs Spotlight

Posted by ServeNext Staff on August 4, 2011

1. The Columbia University Early Head Start Program is looking for a Child Specialist fluent in English and Spanish to design and implement strategies to create an environment that fosters learning, develop lesson plans, and perform diligent monitoring of Early Head Start participants’ progress and well-being.

2. Best Buddies International Inc., a nonprofit organization “dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs),” seeks a Program Manager for its School Friendship Programs in Louisville, KY.

3. The Greater Boston Food Bank Inc. needs a Production Manager for their Volunteer Engagement to perform a variety of tasks including managing individuals and groups of volunteers, planning and executing volunteer outings, monitor food inventory, and manage other coordinators within the organization.

4. The Public Interest Network, which includes U.S. PIRG, Environment America, the Fund for the Public Interest, Green Corps and other organizations that engage in research, advocacy, grassroots organizing and litigation to win positive changes for our environment and our society, is looking for a web associate to develop strategies to help engage members of the organization and the public.

5. City Year of Boston, MA, an organization that “unites 17-24 year olds of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world,” needs an Evaluation Data Coordinator.

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Weekly Jobs Spotlight

Posted by ServeNext Staff on July 28, 2011

Here are some interesting job postings to check out!

1. The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington seeks a full-time executive assistant for its CEO.

2. The After-School Corporation (TASC) seeks a Program Specialist for its Expanded Learning Time schools, a program aimed at increasing the amount of time spent teaching and improving the teaching methods used in urban schools.

3. The Latino Economic Development Corporation of Washington, D. C. is in need of a bilingual tenant organizer for its Affordable Housing Preservation Program.

4. The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless in New York recently posted on that they are looking for a Director of Finance and Human Resources.

5. The Fund for Public Health in New York, Inc., is looking for a Development Associate to work with clients, partner organizations, and to maintain other relationships necessary to keep the Fund tied to its community.

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Weekly Jobs Spotlight

Posted by ServeNext Staff on July 19, 2011

Here are five nonprofits with exciting job openings!

1. The Madison Square Boys and Girls Club, which aims to provide supervised recreation for children to promote a sense of competence, belonging, influence, and usefulness, seeks a new executive director, an office manager, and a program director.

2. LIFT, a movement to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all Americans, is in need of a Director of Research and Program Evaluation to serve as a spokesperson for LIFT on the topic of evaluation to funders, partners, and coalitions, and will facilitate organizational trainings, workshops, and meetings.

3. Democracy Prep Public Schools, a nonprofit charter organization in New York City dedicated to educating successful and active citizens, is searching for a real estate associate.

4. Housing Works, Inc., a service organization that has provided life-saving services to AIDS victims in New York since 1990, seeks an HIV Case Manager to be stationed in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

5. Baltimore City Public Schools seeks a director for its Accelerator Program, designed to accelerate overage, undercredited students’ progress towards graduation.

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Weekly Job Spotlight

Posted by ServeNext Staff on June 25, 2011

1. The Chatham County, North Carolina Habitat for Humanity is looking for personnel to fill Family Selection and Construction positions.

2. For those interested in community development, youth, and education, and with a background in finance and accounting, YouthBuild USA is searching for an AmeriCorps Financial Grant Coordinator to manage the AmeriCorps National Direct grant.

3. City Year, an AmeriCorps organization dedicated to tutoring and mentoring adolescents to help keep them in school and on track, is looking for a full-time Corporate Partnerships Manager.  This position requires at least 5 years of corporate account sales and/or relationship management experience.

Habitat for Humanity build in Chatham County, NC

4. If you are fluent in both Spanish and English and are interested in helping families struggling with problems such as substance abuse and domestic violence, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation is looking for a full-time clinical social worker to help counsel and administrate clinical services to families in the Bronx, NY.

5. The Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Detroit, MI, a nonprofit organization that provides financial and technical assistance to community-run and public entities working on the redevelopment of urban neighborhoods and rural communities is looking for an Administrative Assistant to help manage their 12-person office.

Thanks to for the great job postings! Be sure to check out this great resource!

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Weekly Jobs Spotlight: Empowering teens, cause marketing, and health

Posted by ServeNext Staff on April 19, 2011

Take a look at some great job opportunities at organizations across the country:

1.) Teen Bridges Program for Girls Program Coordinator, Latin American Youth Center: Washington DC LAYC is seeking a coordinator for their Teen Bridges Program for Girls, a residential home for teenage girls in foster care.

Latin American Youth Center Executive Director Lori Kaplan and a group of students celebrate the opening of a new community center in their neighborhood

2.) Director, Cause Marketing, Habitat for Humanity International: Atlanta, GA Habitat has an opening for someone with experience in the field of cause marketing to work with high-profile clients and key internal stakeholders to help build the  organization’s cause marketing strategy both domestically and abroad.

3.) Human Resources Director, Minnesota Education Corps: St. Paul, Minnesota Minnesota Education Corps, an organization that helps low-income children succeed academically is looking for someone to coordinate employee and program support, as well as member relations.

4.) Executive Director, North Carolina Office of Citizen Schools: Charlotte NC Citizen Schools is seeking an executive director to spearhead a strategy to double the number of students in the North Carolina program by 2014, among other responsibilities.

5.) Director of Development, Right to Play USA: New York, NY Right to Play is an international organization which uses sports to deliver messages about health and disease prevention. They are looking for a Director of Development to improve and foster relations with high level-donors and develop a strategic fundraising plan.

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