Talking National Service with Presidential Hopefuls in the Granite State

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on January 9, 2012

With 1 day to go until the first in the nation New Hampshire primary, all eyes are on the Granite State.  Of course that doesn’t count the thousands of eyes instead focused on tonight’s BCS Championship Game between Alabama and LSU in New Orleans, but everyone else.

Over the last couple of months, ServeNext Organizer Katherine Jones and network member June Carlson have been attending town halls put on by the various Presidential contenders and talking to them face to face about the tremendous value and impact of service to New Hampshire and the country as a whole.  From Mitt Romney, to Rick Santorum, to Jon Huntsman, they explained how service programs like AmeriCorps and Senior Corps are great cost effective investments in the people of our country to solve community challenges locally.

For example, Katherine and June talked about how Senior Corps helps save the government money from costly nursing home expenses by helping seniors stay independent in their homes.  They mentioned how AmeriCorps members help save both money and energy by weathering homes and keeping folks warm during the harsh New Hampshire winter months.  And of course they explained how they themselves have benefited when they served in AmeriCorps by gaining critical job skills and earning a small stipend to help pay for college.  National service is a win-win-win.

While the outcome of tomorrow’s primary is yet to be decided, one candidate who seems to be getting some momentum is former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.  Katherine and June caught up with Gov. Huntsman at a town hall back in November and asked him if he would support national service as President of the United States.   Check out the video to see what he said.


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