Save Service District Day at Senator David Vitter’s Office

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on August 15, 2011

Post by Holly Mandell, ServeNext Organizer for New Orleans:

New Orleans service supporters gathered at Senator Vitter’s office to meet with Grants Coordinator, Brenda Moore, to discuss the importance of supporting the Corporation for National and Community Service in the FY 2012 budget. In attendance at this District Day meeting were individuals from SeniorCorps, City Year, United Way and St. Bernard Project.

With representation from local chapters of national organizations and non-profits native to the New Orleans area, we engaged Brenda Moore in conversation on how these service programs not only had a positive effect on those served, but also on those who engaged in service. We highlighted the successes of national service efforts in the area since Hurricane Katrina and explained how community service still remains a vital force in community rebuilding efforts.

Brenda Moore expressed personal gratitude for the impact of volunteerism and declared her own support for CNCS, saying that she would give a positive report back to the Senator. She said that Senator Vitter is aware of and supports national service efforts and that she would enlighten him on the more specific financial information we had presented on how the Corporation for National and Community Service is an economically sound solution to larger social issues.

We left Mrs. Moore with informational pamphlets on the different organizations we represented, as well as statistical information on the economic benefits that CNCS programs have here in Louisiana. There was a feeling of encouragement as she expressed her genuine support for service. We left the meeting on a positive note, discussing how the next step in gaining the Senator’s support for the Corporation is to have Senator Vitter visit and observe the work of a CNCS service program in action.


One Response to “Save Service District Day at Senator David Vitter’s Office”

  1. Great work, team! Positive affirmation and clear demonstration of the success of CNCS. It’s benefits cannot be denied. Now, let’s hope we can find a way to fit it into Vitter’s personal political agenda.

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