District Day with Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on August 8, 2011

Katherine Jones, ServeNext Organizer New Haven and Christina Lindstrom, AmeriCorps Alums Connecticut Chapter Leader, met with the Congresswoman to share their experience with service and to thank Rosa for her continued support of National Service Programs.

Christina shared the impact NCCC had on her life stating the tactical skills she learned and the sense of community she gained in the Gulf Coast left a lasting impression as well as the pride she developed for her country. Her passion for service and helping others has carried over into her career along with her life long commitment shown through her leading the Connecticut Chapter of Alums.

Katherine shared the importance of National Service programs and how they can be used as budget saving tools to assist our most vulnerable populations.

The Congresswoman truly thanked the ladies for their service and impressed upon them the importance of continuing the work and sharing their stories. She emphasized that the Service Community needs to taking organizing to the next left and vocalize the work we do to the public through newspaper articles and community meetings. Stating now is the time to mobilize and show how important these programs are and how they can be used appropriately in the community.  The Congresswoman agreed to continue to advocate for service and work hard to ensure it is saved in the budget battle.


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