ServeNext Columbus host Serve America Act Anniversary House Party

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on May 2, 2011

Post by Rachel Diskin:

On Thursday, April 21st, Columbus citizens interested in fighting the good fight for national service embarked upon my home. My roommate, Kelsey Raines, and I had about 15 visitors between 7 PM and 9 PM.

At the beginning of the evening, I gave a small talk about what ServeNext is, what we hope to do in Columbus and what I’d like help with from the attendees throughout the year. Most of the attendees were people who were already invested in national service- AmeriCorps alums, program directors, etc. But we did get a few attendees from the private sector who I enjoyed speaking with!

The letter writing went over very well and I think it gave everyone a common purpose and something to collaborate on! I especially enjoyed reading everyones letters after they left! The Serve America Anniversary party was a big hit in Columbus and served as a great kick off event!

To get involved with ServeNext Columbus, OH email Rachel Diskin at


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