Weekly Service Highlights

Posted by ServeNext Staff on April 21, 2011

Take a look at what has been going on in the service community this week!

1.) The Chronicle of Philanthropyblogged about the importance of reexamining and potentially changing the current rules about nonprofit lobbying because they are confusing and unnecessarily limiting. According to Independent Sector, the coalition of charities and foundation the current restrictions “discourage charities from exercising their legal right to speak out about legislation that affects their missions.” Additionally, there is a lot of confusion and debate over the specific nuances of the policy, so it is time to clarify the rules in order to promote discourse between nonprofits and legislators.

Tornados swept through the southern US last week, leaving devastation in their wake.

2.) Last weekend, tornados ripped through the southern U.S., killing at least 44 people. As devastating as this is for the region, the Huffington Post highlights the way in which this disaster has brought communities together. Not only are organizations such as the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross pitching in their resources to aid those in need, but community members are helping out one another in any way they can.

3.) If you’re preparing to organize a service project on Earth Day, Friday April 22, be sure check out these tips from the HandsOn Blog to help make your project a success! These range from explaining the impact of your project to the other volunteers to reminding people to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty, so no matter what you’re planning, it’s worth a look.

4.) In a recent Points of Light Institute blog post, one of their board members Jeff Hoffman explains the importance of corporate volunteering in building a sense of community, both within the workplace and in the places employees serve. Hoffman also points out that by making volunteerism a more integral part of the workplace it can foster corporate responsibility.


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