The Week in Service Highlights

Posted by ServeNext Staff on April 20, 2011

It’s been a hectic week for the national service community with the averted government shutdown and the budget negotiations. Read on for updates on the great things happening in communities across the nation in the midst of all of the activity here in Washington:

1.) In celebration of National Volunteer Week which took place from April 10-16, the Idealist Blog wrote about ways to incorporate volunteering into a busy schedule. They give three suggestions: do-it-yourself volunteering such as picking up litter or donating books to a book drive, microvolunteering by donating your marketable skills to a nonprofit in need, and family volunteering. 

2.) In the National Service blog’s National Service Digest: CNCS in the News post this week, they highlighted a group of teens in Tulsa, OK who chose to skip their senior prom in order to paint a playground at the West Mabee Boys and Girls Club.  When the students were asked if they felt that they were missing out on an important rite of passage, Matt Patrick, the student who speared-headed the idea, said “Maybe, but this is more important.” This attitude surprised and impressed the workers at the Boys and Girls Club who were thrilled to have some extra help.

3.) MTV Act, a subset of, is a blog encouraging teens to take action on issues they care about. Last week, they featured LIFT communities, which works to give families the resources to combat poverty. The post discusses LIFT’s new WHY I LIFT campaign which shares stories of service from volunteers of all ages. Be sure to check out both MTV Act and the new WHY I LIFT initiative!

Make sure to come back next week for more updates about what’s happening in the service community!


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