Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on March 31, 2011


Negotiations on the final spending package for FY 11 between the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House are quickly coming up against the April 8th deadline to reach a deal. Our elected leaders are now having to make final decisions as to which federal programs will be cut and which ones they will continue to fund for FY11. During critical moments like this, members of Congress take the feedback and concerns of their constituents very seriously and the national service field must ensure our elected leaders understand the importance of fully funding national service through the Corporation for National and Community Service.

To send one last big statement of support to Congress for CNCS FY 11 funding, the Save Service in America campaign has organized “Make the Call 2”. This coming Monday, April 4th, we are asking everyone who supports service as a strategy for addressing our nations most pressing challenges to take 5 minutes to call BOTH of your United States Senators using 1-855-US-SERVE (1-855-877-3783) and tell them to fully fund the CNCS in the final spending bill for FY11. Senators and their staff are literally keeping tallies on who they hear from and about what. When it comes time for a vote, these tallies matter. Don’t forget to introduce yourself as a constituent and make sure to give them your address so they can verify that you are indeed one of their voters.

Why April 4th?

Funding for the government runs out on April 8th unless a deal is reached. Because of many processes and procedures that take a few days to get bills passed in Congress and to the President desk for signature, a final deal will have to be made a few days before the 8th, giving us less time to influence the final outcome. April 4th will likely be the last opportunity to let our voice be heard.

Why Make The Call 2

Call days are effective because we are able to organize a big concentration of phone calls on our issue, national service, in one day which has a greater impact and raises the chance we get heard above all the other issues and people who are calling as well.

Why 1-855-US-SERVE

1-855-US-SERVE makes calling your Senator easy and convenient.  You don’t have to worry about looking up numbers for both senators and can more effectively encourage other to also make the call with this easy to remember phone number.    Best of all, it is FREE.

In addition, calling through 1-855-US-SERVE also helps us keep tallies of how many calls are made to each Senator so please us the number.

Help Us Spread the Word

  1. Put the “Make The Call 2” logo as your Facebook Profile Picture.
  2. Make Your Facebook Status “Make the Call to Save Service on April 4th – 1-855-US-SERVE”
  3. Tell all your friends and family to also “Make the Call”.

For additional information and to share how your calls go on Monday visit


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