Saving Service in Vegas

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on February 26, 2011

Post by Daniele Monroe-Moreno, ServeNext Las Vegas:

Small, but mighty representing the Faith Based Community, Non-Profit Organizations, and Community Organizers we were able to visit the office’s and meet with Staff members for Congressman Dean Heller, Joe Heck and Shelley Berkley.

Our meeting with Matt Morris, Outreach Coordinator for Congressman Heller was the perfect way to start our Save Service Day. Mr. Morris was open minded, and receptive. We sensed his understanding of the importance of Service in America and the Congressman’s heart for our Community. Mr. Morris not only said he would forward our Save Service Public Information Folder to the D.C. office, he offered to submit a meeting request with the Congressman in D.C. during the upcoming ServeNext Retreat in March. In addition, he asked us to advise his office on community and youth events for future partnership.

Mr. Morris proved to be a man of his word, by 12:49 PM we received an email stating that our package and meeting request were submitted to D.C..

Next stop, Rep. Joe Heck’s office!! Staff Assistant Kristin Maxwell had lots of questions, reviewed our Public Information Folder, but before submitting our request to visit with Congressman Heck in his D.C. office, she asked for a list of names of all who will be attending the meeting. Ms. Maxwell said that she would forward our folder to the legislative office in D.C.

Final stop, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley’s Office with a very big Thank You for her continued support of Service in America, her recent partnership with the ServeNext MLK Day of Service event, her dedication to the State of Nevada and her NO vote on HR1. Staffer Ms. Jessie was very happy to she us and receive information about Save Service. What an awesome way to end the day, she is a MUST see on the Hill!!


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