Saving Service in the Snow

Posted by Jerry Duchene Saavedra on February 25, 2011



Post from Stephanie Sacco, ServeNext Rochester:

Well, despite a fresh 8 inches of snow on the ground and more snow falling all day long, a total of thirteen people attended the Save Service District Day here in Rochester, NY! June Carlson, Mark Thiell, Laura Thelander, Rebeccah Lanni, Kara Zabelny, and Whitney Faison all visited the office of Louise Slaughter to thank her for her NO vote on H.R.1.  and ask for her continued support and leadership on national service.  Although Ms. Slaughter was unavailable and the office was closing due to weather, they set up a meeting with Rep. Slaughter’s staff for Thursday, March 3rd, at 12pm.

Meanwhile, Danielle Erway, Tim Avery, Emma Hartzell, Grace Ravines, Mary Whelehan, Joel Kunkler, and Stephanie Sacco met with staff at the office of Ms. Ann Marie Buerkle to request that she reconsider her vote for H.R.1. The staff in Ms. Buerkle’s office were very receptive, and met with the group for a twenty-minute discussion of their experiences with service (specifically, through AmeriCorps) and why a “yes” vote for H.R.1 would be incredibly detrimental to our community. The group that visited Ms. Buerkle’s office is also set to make an appointment for the coming week to speak directly with her about our service experiences and what a “yes” for H.R.1. means, more specifically, for her constituents here in Rochester, NY.

CORRECTION:  A previous posting had incorrectly stated Rep.  Slaughter had voted for H.R. 1.    Congresswomen Slaughter voted NO for H.R. one and has been a long time supporter of national service voting YES for the Kennedy Serve America Act in 2009.  We apologize for this error.


4 Responses to “Saving Service in the Snow”

  1. Marilyn said

    Please, please , please correct the misstatement above–Louise Slaughter is a firm and consistent supporter of national service. She voted FOR the Serve America Act and AGAINST H. R. 1. She needs to hear our thanks, not a request to change her vote.

  2. Kara said

    Absolutely, we expressed our previous knowledge of her voting record and our shock at the turnout of this vote, but we had been previously (and apparently incorrectly) informed that she voted FOR HR1. We will certainly correct ourselves in our meeting with her this Thursday and thank her for her continued support in these difficult times, and express our hope that she will continue to champion our cause to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.

  3. Jerry Duchene Saavedra said

    We have corrected the post, added a correction, and apologize for the error. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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