Legislative Update: Great news, at least for a few days

Posted by ServeNext Staff on February 25, 2011

This afternoon, the House Appropriations Committee unveiled a two week long continuing resolution (CR) — a temporary budget — that continues most programs at FY10 levels until March 18th.

There were $4 billion worth of cuts and terminations included in the legislation, but AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service were NOT among the programs cut.

The entire House is expected to look at the bill on Tuesday, providing them more time to work on year-long CR with the Senate.

We can not emphasize enough that saving service funding this year will take many weeks and months of mobilization.   And Congress determines funding levels annually.  We are thrilled with the early stories from today’s Save Service District Days, but we hope you’re wearing comfortable shoes.  Anyone passionate about service should be ready to pound the pavement over the next many weeks and months so AmeriCorps and other service programs are not cut.

For those who participated in District Day, fantastic work!  For those who couldn’t, this is just the beginning.

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Thanks to our friends at Voices for National Service for the info above, and many other updates, through the budget process. Follow Voices on Twitter.


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