News Round-Up: Cities of Service, TFA, and Service-Learning

Posted by Leighton Cooper on July 22, 2010

A weekly round-up of news about service, social innovation, and social change.

Cities of Service

As  ServeNext continues to move forward with its own plans to extend field corps members into ten cities, Cities of Service announced recently that $200,000 would be provided to ten more cities across the country, an initiative headed by mayors Michael Bloomberg and Karl Dean of New York and Nashville but including 100 mayors across the country. This is the second set of ten cities to undertake this effort. The Chronicle of Philanthropy wrote a story detailing a project that will be “sustained opportunities to bring systematic change and greater impact to the way communities support each other,” according to spokesman, Judith Rodin from the Rockefeller Center.

Teach for America

According to the The Sun News, in 2009, Teach for America applications rose more than 40 percent over 2008. Young people are realizing the value of completing terms of service. There are several draws to doing service related employment or taking nonprofit jobs. Recent graduates are noticing the expansion of the service community and taking advantage of the new openings and opportunities to do a wide range of activities.

Millions in Service Grants

The Corporation for National and Community Service recently awarded $9 million in “Learn and Serve America Higher Education grants to support teacher training and increase student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines.”  There was another $20 million devoted to schools nation wide to engage in service-learning.


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