Important to All Non-Profits

Posted by Zach Maurin on March 30, 2010

I’m excited and honored to serve on the Host Committee for the V3 Campaign kick-off event Wednesday, March 31 in Washington, DC.  V3 is critical to the future of the nonprofit sector and, as such, to our communities as well.

The V3 Campaign will make the voice of the social enterprise and non-profit movement heard, its value realized, and its votes counted in EVERY election.

It’s goal is to develop a new generation of political leaders who understand the economic contributions of social service organizations, who recognize the potential of social enterprise and micro-credit to reinvigorate communities and who include the sector in their plans to rebuild the economy.

This week I spoke briefly to leader of the V3 Campaign, Robert Egger, who also founded and leads the incredible DC Central Kitchen.  Check out our chat below, come to the V3 Campaign event on Wednesday if you can, and definitely check out their website to get involved.


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