Must-Watch Video Podcast

Posted by bhae09 on March 10, 2010

What is social good?  What is social media?

What would an academic course dedicated to using media to “go viral” for social good look like?

Check out a new video podcast!  It’s called Volunteer Nation: Social Media + Innovation ConvergenceThe first short installment asks those questions while introducing a graduate course called “Power of Social Technology.”

Over five episodes, the podcast will feature interviews with guest speakers to the course (taught by Jennifer Aaker at the Stanford Graduate School of Business) and follow student projects devoted to doing just that – going viral, with a lasting effect.

The first episode raises some very good questions: do we think of social media as a table facilitating intimate conversation, or as a megaphone to yell into?  What are the current limitations of social technology’s ability to help achieve social good?  How can some of those limitations be overcome?

It’ll be very interesting to follow these graduate students’ 10-week experiments in the power of innovation… and their lasting impact.


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