2 Days Left!

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 27, 2010

A note to our Pepsi Refreshers, with just 2 days to go in the contest.

Just 2 days to go now in the Pepsi Refresh contest–we’re almost there!

But we’ve still got a fight on our hands. Less than 48 hours remain, and the $50,000 category remains incredibly active– dropped to 6th place this morning, and we continue to fight alongside coalition member Atlas Corps to get back into the Top 5.

Vote for

Remember also to ask your friends and family to vote over the weekend. Remind them that the last 48 hours is the most important time in the contest. There is a tremendous amount of movement and uncertainly on the leaderboard as all the teams fight to the finish. We need every vote!

Here are the links to the coalition; a full update on rankings is also below. We’re so close now–thanks for all your support!

Vote for the coalition:, LIFT, World Leadership Corps, Atlas Corps, APO, myImpact


$50,000 (Top 10 win grants)

ServeNext: 6th Place

Atlas Corps: 5th Place

World Leadership Corps: 8th Place

$25,000 (Top 10 win grants)

myImpact: 4th Place

APO: 2nd Place

$250,000 (Top 3 win grants)

LIFT: 2nd Place

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