72 Hours to go: Leaderboard Movement

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 26, 2010

A Note to our Pepsi Refreshers, with 72 hours to go!

Wow! What a crazy start to the day! There is movement all over the leaderboard today–more than we’ve seen sine the first week!

New teams have taken over the top spots in all three categories, and two of our coalition members–Atlas Corps and myImpact–have dropped from positions they previously held for almost a week straight.

In the $50K category, three new teams are leading the pack. is still hanging tough in fourth place, but it’s clear things are tightening up as we near the end of the contest.

Please cast your votes today!, LIFT, World Leadership Corps, Atlas Corps, APO, myImpact

With only three days to go and clearly a VERY close race, this is the perfect time to email some friends and remind them to vote.

A full update on coalition rankings are below — thanks for your support!


$50,000 (Top 10 win grants) (Currently ranked #4)

Atlas Corps: (Currently ranked #6)

World Leadership Corps: (Currently ranked #8)

$25,000 (Top 10 win grants)

myImpact: (Currently ranked #4)

APO: (Currently ranked #2)

$250,000 (Top 3 win grants)

LIFT: (Currently ranked #5)
P.O. Box 51065
Washington, DC 20091
phone: 202-580-8639
fax: 202-729-8100
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