4 Days to go: The Final Sprint!

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 25, 2010

A Note for our Pepsi Refreshers, with 4 days to go:
Team–This contest has been a true marathon.

For 25 days now, we’ve voted. We’ve worked hard to spread the word about the contest to our family and friends, and watched our progress as and the Refresh Service Coalition earned great rankings.

Now, with just four days remaining, we can see the finish line. And it’s straight ahead.

We’re incredibly excited to be so close–but we’re also focused. This contest isn’t over yet by any means: Four days is a lot of time, and there’s a lot at stake. We have to finish strong!

Vote now:, World Leadership Corps, LIFT, Atlas Corps, APO, myImpact.

Please continue to vote each day and to remind your family and friends, particularly on Saturday and Sunday. Weekends have been the most challenging time in this contest–people naturally forget, and other teams have used the time to regain ground.

We will continue to send out emails daily to keep you updated, and depending on the urgency, we may also send alerts if there is movement on the leaderboard.

As always, thanks for working so hard–and we hope you’re excited!

P.O. Box 51065
Washington, DC 20091
phone: 202-580-8639
fax: 202-729-8100
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