5 Days Left!

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 24, 2010

With just 5 more days in the contest, we’re ramping up our get-out-the-vote efforts.

We’ll be over at GW again today, where all week long we’ve been tabling and spreading the word about the contest and the Refresh Service coalition.  It’s been absolutely inspiring to see all the interest from all the students and faculty–enough so to keep us coming back!  If you’re at George Washington University, make sure to come by the Marvin Center tonight between 4-7 PM.

Today and Tomorrow, we’ll be putting some extra energy into our social networks, which have given us a lot of support.  With Pepsi’s Facebook voting app, it’s pretty simple to vote right from your procrastination-station on Facebook; and we’ve got a cool idea to use the traffic-measuring tool to see how many votes we can collect in a single day.  Watch for our status updates–and our tweets, too!

Meanwhile, stories continue to pour in from our members as they get excited for the final few days. Yesterday we wrote an email to our supporters to tell them of just a few outreach ideas some folks have shared with us, and the trend continues–just this morning we got a note from a supporter relating that she’d sent out emails to 27 of her friends!  With those kinds of numbers, we can’t go wrong.

5 days left!  Those links again:


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