6 Days Left!

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 23, 2010

Just 6 days left now in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Things were quiet today on the leaderboard, at least as far as the coalition is concerned.  There were a few changes in the 5-10 range of the $25,000 category, but APO and MyImpact are still holding the #2 and #3 positions (respectively); and there were  no changes at all in the $50,000 or $250,000 categories.

By the Numbers:

$25,000 (Top 10 win grants)
APO : – 2nd place
MyImpact: – 3rd place

$50,000 (Top 10 win grants) : place
Atlas Corps: – 2nd place
World Leadership Corps: – 8th place

$250,000 (Top 2 win grants)
LIFT: – 5th place

So what do you think? Can we shake it up a bit?

Follow those links–let’s do some voting tonight!


3 Responses to “6 Days Left!”

  1. Rich said

    3 orgs competing in the top 10 for 50k that you are associated with, or is it just one? To be honest, you guys can get funding from a lot of different sources, so I was a little disappointed to see your teams in there, esepcially since Atlas corps just hit it big in the Chase Community giving for $125k and knowing full well your target demographic kicks ass in these contests. Autism, the #1 child development disability affecting more children then AIDS, Cancer, and Diabetes combined, had 5 horses in the race in all categories, and we’re placing the highest at #13 in the 50k.

    What do you think we can do to win next month, as I think the top losers get resubmitted for next month. We were on 3 radio shows, 1 TV spot, and had the help of the larget Autism orgs in the nation with 150k Facebook fans. Any other ideas?



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