The Final Countdown: 7 Days to Go!

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 22, 2010

There’s only 7 days left to vote for and the Refresh Service Coalition!

We’re starting the final push today with renewed urgency. Over the weekend, ServeNext dropped out of the Top 3 in the $50K category for the first time in over two weeks. We’re still hanging tough at #4, but the whole Top 10 has been getting pretty wild: We’ve been bouncing in between 4th and 5th for a few days now, while our coalition partner Atlas Corps is fighting to hang on to 3rd. And meanwhile, World Leadership Corps is do-si-do’ing with at least four partners in the 7th-11th range.

All told: Things are close.  The movement across the leaderboard–which is still changing by the hour–suggests that the margin of votes each team holds over the next is shrinking, and with new teams elbowing their way to the top of the pack the last few days, it’s clear that a lot of folks used the weekend to close the gap in votes.

But despite the recent movement, we’re incredibly excited. We’ve been at this for there weeks now, and results have been great thanks to some hard-working folks from all across the country.  As we speak our members and Campaign Captains are staking out territory all across the web as they reach out to their networks via email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other methods, to spread the word about the contest.

We’ll be publishing some of the more creative outreach stories tomorrow on the blog, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime–did you vote yet?


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