These Guys Rock!

Posted by Zach Maurin on February 19, 2010



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For anyone who’s a supporter of the service movement, then you should know these guys. Plus, their music is awesome.

I’m talking about our great friends at STATE RADIO and its nonprofit arm, Calling All Crows.  The Pepsi Refresh Project — an unprecedented cause-marketing campaign where Pepsi will give away $20 million to ideas pushing the world forward — just featured a great Q&A with the band’s frontman, Chad Stokes and their enduring social efforts alongside their music.

STATE RADIO’s commitment to the world and the cities along their tours is no joke.  The band’s time, money, and fans are all leveraged relentlessly to engage people in service during music tours and help bring resources to humanitarian issues at home and abroad.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview on the Pepsi Refresh Project blog:

Could you make a bigger impact by focusing on one issue? Or is your approach to do what you can in any way you can and help out as many causes as possible?

I think it’s the latter because when we do our service in different cities, we would never want to say, “These are the one or two causes we’re interested in–what can you do for us?”  Every city has different groups that address specific needs based on specific problems, so we try to tailor our volunteerism towards what needs to be done. So in the end, we tackle a bunch of different subjects and causes but it’s all about human rights in the end. Everything is related.

I’ve seen this commitment first hand.  About six months ago I was fortunate to participate in a service day organized by Calling All Crows and City Year Washington, DC.  It was the day of a show when Chad, Matt Wilhelm  (Calling All Crows C0-Director and ServeNext Co-founder), myself and few others met early in the morning and headed to a great service project in DC (picture below).  It was great to see this commitment up-close because it became clear that community work is in the DNA of STATE RADIO.

Day of service with STATE RADIO, Calling All Crows, and City Year. Chad Stokes is bottom left in blue shirt.

ServeNext and the Refresh Service Coalition (a group of service organizations working together to win grants in the Pepsi Refresh Project during February) are excited to be invited by STATE RADIO and Calling All Crows to have a table at their upcoming concerts in DC on February 27 and 28th.

If you haven’t already, check out their music and their values in action by doing a day of service with them and then attending a great show!


Worth checking out…

Calling All Crows websitebecome a fan on Facebook.

Music, Service and a Long Overdue Strategy — by Chad Stokes and Matt Wilhelm in Huffington Post.

STATE RADIO current tour dates


2 Responses to “These Guys Rock!”

  1. I love State Radio and Calling All Crows! I volunteered at the San Francisco service event last month, and represented the non-profit HeadCount at their Fillmore show that same night. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Thanks again to Matt, Jody, State Radio, and everyone from Equality California who directed the service event:)

    • zachmaurin said

      Nicole — Great to hear from a fellow State Radio+Calling All Crows fan! ServeNext and the Refresh Service Coalition are excited to be at the DC shows in late Feb. If you have a blog post or pictures from the service event or concert in San Fran, it would be great to add them to this post. Thanks!

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