Day 12: Leader Board Movement and a Campaign Update

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 12, 2010

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Campaign Update

We’re nearing the halfway point in the Pepsi Refresh Project, and continues to make its mark as a serious contender for a $50,000 grant.

The last 12 hours have been a push-and-pull for the top spot, as our members and network came out with in full-force to vault us into #1, only to fall back a few hours later, retake #1 by late this morning, and then back to #2.  What a ride!

We were excited to be so close to the top, of course, but we are more encouraged by the display of our serious mobilizing power!

Our fellow coalition members are also in very good positions.  Thanks to all the teamwork, we are all strong contenders for our respective grants!


LIFT: (currently 5th)

$50,000 (currently 2nd)

Atlas Corps: (currently 3rd)

World Leadership Corps: (currently 8th)


Mu Alphha: (currently 2nd)

MyImpact: (currently 3nd)

Moving Forward

These results are bringing a lot of excitement and encouragement our way.  But we are also preparing for a very intense finish against some very strong competition.

To win, we’ll need to implement a strategy that both motivates our most ardent supporters to continue to support us, while still reaching new folks that may not have heard about our campaign yet.  But as we begin to move into the final weeks, we’re also keeping a firm eye above and beyond Pepsi Refresh.  Here at ServeNext HQ, a constant question throughout this contest has been: How do we use this campaign to deepen our relationship with our network beyond February?

Online contests offer unique opportunities for organized nonprofits.  Sure, any organization that wins money in the Pepsi Refresh Project will find their coffers stronger–a serious victory in this economic climate.  But as Zach Maurin, the Executive Director of wrote on this blog earlier in the week, online contests also present an excellent opportunity for organizations to engage their membership in new and substantial ways (particularly if we can show them the fruits of their efforts in a $50,000 grant)–and also build lasting relationships that hopefully extend far beyond the contest.

We’ve had tremendous success with finding ways to get our members involved in this competition, and with reaching new folks that might never have heard of ServeNext before and who are excited enough about our work to help us win this competition.  But it’s truly a wasted opportunity if we can’t capture some of that spirit for the long haul.

So over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a plan that focuses on amplifying and honing our message about this campaign and ways to increase engagement with our network.  We’ll continue support our members to spread the word about ServeNext and this campaign in the hopes of expanding our reach.

But we’re also beginning a phase of one-on-one outreach with many of our members and Campaign Captains to  see what it is about ServeNext that they like and what suggestions they have to help us grow.  The details are still coming together, but we hope to connect individually with 100 people over the next week or so– including 25 members that we’ve never spoken to before individually.  With individual engagement, we will begin to track how that changes involvement with ServeNext over the mid and long term.  $50,000 will do an amazing amount for our organization and the national service movement–but its impact will be hampered without the involvement of the folks that delivered it!

Thanks to all of you working hard to make this happen for ServeNext and the Refresh Service Coalition.  Keep voting, and we’ll see you next week!


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