Day 3: The Refresh Service Coalition

Posted by Evan Mackinder on February 3, 2010

Hi all, tonight I want to write to you about some of our Pepsi Refresh coalition partners. We’ve entered this contest with some good friends, and we want you to be familiar with their work and project entries.

First though, a quick note on some incredible progress.

It’s the end of Day 3 of the Pepsi Refresh Project, and has some serious momentum.

How serious? It’s 7 pm where I’m writing from, and over at, we’re seeing that is ranked atop the leaderboard. We’re leading the vote in the $50k category!

That’s an amazing feat, and it’s clear that we’ve got some seriously mobilized forces.

The challenge now is to keep the momentum going through this week and beyond. Stay tuned at the bottom of this post for some new ways to keep in touch over the course of the month with this campaign.

Now for some introductions.

As you know entered the Pepsi Refresh Project for the chance to win a $50k grant and put 10 community organizers in 10 cities in 2010–our ‘big idea.’   We’re asking our members, family and friends to vote for us in the hopes of winning the funding for our idea.

But we’re also asking our voters to think beyond our project. has also partnered up with several other  service-minded organizations in the Pepsi Refresh Project, to create a network of nonprofits that together could help win a greater share of the grant money for the greater good of volunteerism in the U.S.

We call it the Refresh Service Coalition, and we hope that by pooling our efforts—and our votes—we can cast a wider net over this contest and work together to haul in $450,000 for national service.

Pepsi gives everyone a chance to vote for up to 10 unique ‘ideas’ per day in the contest, and we hope that you’ll spread six of yours out among these organizations.  We’ll be promoting our coalition partners throughout the month.  Their efforts are all worth paying attention to, and their ‘big ideas’ are all worth voting for. Please take a minute to read over their mission statements and check out their entries.

The Refresh Service Coalition:

    • ServeNext is building a grassroots movement to promote and advance AmeriCorps & citizen service as a strategy to tackle our most pressing social issues and strengthen our democracy.
  • Atlas Corps
    • Atlas Corps works in the US and abroad to facilitate international fellowships for rising citizen sector leaders who volunteer overseas for at least one year. These Fellows then commit to work an additional year in the citizen sector of their home country, sharing new skills, best practices, and valuable experience.
  • Alpha Phi Omega’s Mu Alpha Chapter
    • Alpha Phi Omega brings together the best and brightest college students under the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
  • LIFT
    • LIFT is a growing movement to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States. LIFT clients and volunteers work one-on-one to find jobs, secure safe and stable housing, make ends meet through public benefits and tax credits, and obtain quality referrals for social services.
  • myImpact
    • is an emerging online platform for young Americans in national and community service. Our mission is to use social media to advance the cause of citizen service by developing new tools for volunteers and service organizations to measure and demonstrate their impact.
  • World Leadership Corps
    • The World Leadership Corps is based on the idea that international volunteer service and cross-cultural living can make a difference in meeting critical global challenges and provide life-changing experiences for future leaders.

The most excellent news is we’re all leading our respective categories in this contest–each of us showing tremendous organizing power, and showing off the might of the service movement.  I hope you’ll take minute to vote for all six of us, every day this month.

In Solidarity,

Evan Mackinder

PS.  Feel you need a reminder to vote every day?  Sign up at  We’ll send you a daily email that will remind you about the contest, and the coalition, and offer links to everyone’s Pepsi Refresh pages.

PPS.  While you’re at it, why don’t you follow on facebook and trend with us on twitter?  You’re bound to run across a reminder a day!


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