What a Start! And key details for Captains…

Posted by Zach Maurin on February 1, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for signing up to be a Campaign Captain for in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  As we wrote this morning, we’ve been accepted into the contest and need a fast start today and this week to position ServeNext as a force!

At the end of a long but energizing day, we have some important highlights and updates:

First and foremost, your early support has been incredible: Your votes have catapulted to #6 in the rankings! Great team effort!!  Those initial results are incredible.  If we can hold this lead among the Top 10 in the $50,000 category we will win $50,000.  You’ve truly shown our power to mobilize, and now we need to sustain this momentum through tomorrow, the rest of the week, and all month – especially as the other groups get going.

Please remember to vote for and our coalition partners every day. We have included more information and links to directly vote for them below.  They are voting for us too!

Also, please seize on the momentum now and start recruiting your 5-10 daily voters. Also included below is a template paragraph that you can personalize to recruit family and friends.  Remember, we really need people to pledge to vote daily or sign-up as captains.  Recruiting 5 people to vote daily is better than getting 20 people to vote once.

Thanks again for everything and we apologize if the Pepsi site was a bit slow.  There was lots of traffic, and hopefully Pepsi will have it completely worked out by tomorrow.  Let us know if you have any questions.

We’ll be more selective with sending emails next week, but want to get you the necessary information upfront since there are many moving pieces.  Thanks for your patience and persistence!

Let’s win this thing!

Zach and Evan

The Refresh Service Coalition:

The Refresh Service Coalition is a group of six service-oriented organizations that have partnered for the Pepsi Refresh Contest.  You can only vote for ServeNext once per day, so we ask that you use some of your remaining votes to help our partners.  Because there are many grants and our partners are spread across the categories, collaboration is a winning strategy.

·  Atlas Corps:

·  Alpha Phi Omega’s Mu Alpha Chapter:

·  LIFT:

·  MyImpact:

·  World Leadership Corps:

Template Paragraph for Friends

Hey [friends],

I’m helping, a great organization that works to promote AmeriCorps and citizen service, win $50,000 in an online voting contest during February.  Voting is open right now!  You’re able to vote every day.  Click here to get reminders.  The top 10 organizations entering the $50,000 category EACH win that amount!  With only 200 groups competing in this category the odds are really strong.  I’d really appreciate your help.

A quick start is essential — please take a sec and vote now:

I’m also helping to recruit Campaign Captains and folks who pledge to vote daily.  You can read more and become a Captain here.  Can you do that?  Or if you can’t be a Captain, please pledge to vote daily here.



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