Help ServeNext Win the Pepsi Refresh Project!

Posted by Evan Mackinder on January 29, 2010

Refresh Service

How can $50,000 transform the national service movement?

Here at, we’ve spent much of the last few weeks huddled up in our offices trying to come up with big ideas for 2010.   We’ve come up with a series of new initiatives that we think will really add a spark to movement for national service, including an exciting expansion of our Social Media Service training program and a national service discussion plus actions series about the role of the grassroots, all of which we’ll be rolling out as the year progresses.

And today, we’re very excited to talk about our first big plan for 2010.

This February, is participating in the Pepsi Refresh Project, an opportunity for our organization to earn $50,000 for the national service movement!

The Pepsi Refresh Project is an initiative that will award $1.3 million in grants to “people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact.” will be campaigning alongside several other service-oriented nonprofits throughout the month of February to win portions of the prize money, and work towards the greater goal of strengthening the national service movement.

In order to enter, ServeNext had to submit its own idea for how it will use the money.  With the $50,000 grant, will put 10 community organizers in 10 cities across the country in 2010, an initiative that will spur the grassroots movement for national service.

We’ve submitted our entry, and on Monday, February 1st, we find out if we were accepted.   Monday is also the day voting starts.  Call us premature, but we’re already ramping up!

The Refresh Contest is an online affair, and the winners will be decided entirely by the public—by online votes.  We need as many people as possible voting online for ServeNext every day!

Because our ability to win the $50,000 depends entirely on your votes, we have spent the last week really ramping up our efforts for the contest and coming up with ways for you to get involved.  First and foremost, we’ve set up an auxiliary page that explains the Refresh Contest initiative, which you can view here.  We’ll be updating that as the contest moves along (in particular, after we know we have been accepted).

In the meantime, here are  three quick and easy steps:

1.   Become a Campaign Captain. The voting doesn’t open for the contest until February 1st—this coming Monday.  But you can pledge your support today: Visit and sign up to vote every day throughout February!

2.   Follow updates on the contest right here on the ServeNext blog. As Online Organizer for the contest, I’ll be posting daily from BlogNext about all things ServeNext /Pepsi Refresh.  We’ll talk about strategies for winning and keep you updated on our progress—and challenges—en route to hopefully winning the 50k.  We’ll also be asking for your input every step of the way.  So set those RSS feeds to Set your RSS feed to and join the discussion!

3.   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! If you aren’t a fan of on Facebook, what are you waiting for?  Check us out! You can make a difference now by pledging your support and RSVPing to our event right now.  On Twitter? Follow us @ServeNext.  Speak Twitter? Pls RT! @ServeNext is going for 50k via #pepsirefresh! Vote & transform the grassroots movement for nat’l #service!

ServeNext can accomplish a lot with $50,000, but we also see this contest as a fantastic way to connect with you, our members, and expand our network.  Just participating in this initiative will provide us with some great momentum moving into our 2010 initiatives.

So wish us luck as we move to Monday’s launch—or better yet, pledge to vote!


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