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Posted by hlaverty on December 16, 2009

I text everyday. I text my family in Michigan and I even text my friends in South Korea. It’s quite a universal way to send short amounts of information that doesn’t really require a phone call. However, The Pennsylvania Ballet will take texting to another level and I think it’s something that can transfer into service and volunteerism.

The Pennsylvania Ballet will allow its audience members to participate in a live poll via text message (intermission and after the show) for “The Nutcracker.” Audience members can vote for their favorite character and after the show, their favorite scene. The goal is to create a discussion and conversation that may contribute to the audiences enthusiasm while creating buzz about the show. It’s all part of the Turn Your Cell Phone On! campaign, run by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

Now, how can this transfer over into services and volunteerism?

Well, I know when I go to different events or an informational session, I am given a piece of paper. That paper usually has a survey and may want me to offer some feedback.

However, if organizations implement texting at their events or projects, they would receive instant feedback. They could even display that feedback at the event as The Pennsylvania Ballet will do on monitors.

For example, if you have a group of volunteers helping on-site, the organization running the event can have those volunteers text some feedback during the event. The instant feedback from volunteers could allow the organization to tackle issues on-site, as opposed to the next time around. The feedback is instant, not delayed like a paper survey is.

The organization can also display the feedback onto their Website, Twitter or some other social media outlet. This not only grabs the attention of others, but will allow others to see instant results as well. This will create buzz for the organization as well as the event.

Even the people benefiting from the services could give their feedback as well.

Do you know any organizations using technology for instant feedback about a project?


One Response to “Text Me Your Feedback”

  1. Great idea! Believe it or not, the idea has been thought of already (probably many times), and it has been under development since June of last year by our team at Classy Llama Studios. We will be launching a beta version soon. If you have specific ideas on how we can develop it better, we are, according to the spirit of the development, open to feedback.

    Kurt Theobald
    Executive Director
    Classy Llama Studios

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