Innovate For Good

Posted by hlaverty on December 3, 2009

I was on Twitter today and saw a “tweet” about GlobalGiving teaming up with eBay to launch “Innovate For Good.”

Innovate For Good is a contest where GlobalGiving wants you to develop applications that provide GlobalGiving more visibility through the eBay platform or improve their experience in a meaningful way.

The grand prize is a 7-10 day all expense paid trip to visit one of the several projects in one of the 85 countries working with GlobalGiving.

The second place prize is a $1,000 GlobalGiving gift card and the third place prize is a $500 Apple gift certificate.

According to the Web site, Developers have three options for developing applications:

1. Use any available GlobalGiving API to enhance the GlobalGiving experience or create a branded giving experience of your own. Useful apps might include creative ways of displaying GlobalGiving projects, streamlining the giving process, improving project tracking and communication, social/location based mashups, mobile giving apps, or giving games that drive donations. Learn more about GlobalGiving’s available APIs.

2. Support GlobalGiving through the eBay Giving Works program using eBay’s APIs. Developers can build applications to list items that benefit featured GlobalGiving projects (more info) or enable people to search for and buy items that benefit GlobalGiving (more info).

3. Mash up eBay and GlobalGiving APIs to come up with your own idea to support GlobalGiving projects through the eBay or GlobalGiving platforms—or anywhere on the web.

The contest is now through March 3, 2010. Winners are announced on March 19, 2010.

GlobalGiving is an eBay-like platform for giving to specific, grassroots social and environmental projects located around the world. Some projects on their site include, HeroRATS:Saving African Lives & Curbing TB Spread, Give 3,000 students access to music education and Help Guatemalan Women Achieve Self-Sufficiency.

Projects vary from microfinance to animals. The countries range from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

For more information on the contest, click here.

To enter the contest, click here.


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