Wanted:Practical Dreamers

Posted by hlaverty on November 30, 2009

I want to see many things happen in my lifetime on this planet as most people probably do. Whether it’s seeing the Lions win more than two games a season (I’m from Michigan) or solving some of the world’s problems. There are just so many problems we hear and read about everyday, yet, there seems to be (at times anyway) nothing being done about them.

As individuals, we probably each have had an idea about how to go about solving some of the world’s problems, but weren’t sure how to go about doing it. Well, the folks at are working on that.

They came up with a vision, a network of people and organizations that allows us to make the most of what each of us has to offer, online and in person.

I think it’s a great starting point for a an amazing concept based on three challenges:
*A big gap between our good intentions and our actions
*Our problems are connected,but we are not
*The world is full of good ideas that don’t spread quickly enough.

Idealist just shared thier vision proposal to help solve these challenges with the members of Idealist. To get practical dreamers together and share. I think it’s a smart proposal because they are looking to connect with people and hear any feedback (good or bad) or questions people may have about this campaign to help get it going.

By December, with all the comments, a plan to reach a wider audience will take place for the next 90 days. The plan consists of creating materials, set up Idealist Groups, link and support these groups, collect stories and do this in as MANY languages as possible.

Again, I like to reiterate how good of an idea this is. By using some, if not all, the feedback from the already 10,396 people from 159 countries involved in this, we can lay the path needed to move forward. It’s like a new product, feedback is what helps make that product perfect, or close to it.

By March, a two-month campaign launches to invite people everywhere to share what each of them has to offer. Imagine people everywhere taking a small step, sharing stories, pictures, videos and ideas. I believe this will help get a lot of ideas out and allow people to see things in a way they may not have before.

Finally, in May, there will be a coming out party to show the world that there are people who share similar dreams and challenges, and want to do something about them.

Even though I like this idea, there are some people a bit skeptical about it. Some think the proposal is a bit vague or too big. But, I want to say that this is in its early stages, there’s a lot of room for it to grow and change.

Ghandi once said, ““Be the change you want to see in the world.” This proposal is definitely that.

To me, this seems like an amazing idea/opportunity to get individuals together. Almost everything around us started as an idea and went on to become whatever it is today. I believe networking and doing so online is one of the most powerful tools we have in our society today. It only makes sense to start such a campaign because we can reach almost anyone, anywhere, at any time. It may take some time before problems are solved or challenges are conquered, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I look forward to the ideas that will come about and seeing those ideas become more.

To join Idealist and share your thoughts click here.
Invite people to join you here.
Visit the frequently asked questions and Idealist’s blog for more information.


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