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Posted by hlaverty on November 19, 2009


PR Newswire has an article out today about a social networking application, Boundless Fundraising, (which launched in late 2008) doing much better than anticipated for nonprofits that organize special event fundraising. The application is from Charity Dynamics.

Nonprofits using the application have raised more than $10 million dollars in 10 months, according to the article. An impressive amount for such hard economic times. The Boundless Fundraising is an application used on Facebook which is helping bring in new constituents, 75 percent of the amount came from new donors.
Here’s a quote from the article:

“We knew when we launched Boundless Fundraising that it would be well received by organizations that were looking for new ways to increase giving for special events, and now the results have exceeded even our own fundraising expectations for the year,” said Donna Wilkins, president of Charity Dynamics. “While there continues to be plenty of discussion across the nonprofit marketplace about how organizations can best use social media to achieve real results, Boundless Fundraising has delivered clear proof that constituent-led fundraising can indeed have a strong financial impact.”

So, say I want to raise funds for an organization like the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk . I would go to the organization’s Website, sign up and have the option for a badge (Boundless Fundraising badge) to put on my Facebook profile. Then, from my Facebook profile, people can click on the badge,follow the directions and help contribute to my cause. Easy enough.

Here are some of the organizations using the application American Heart Association,Lance Armstrong Foundation and The Salvation Army.


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