Online volunteers needed

Posted by hlaverty on November 11, 2009

radar from The Weather Channel
I have been following Ida as it hit El Salvador yesterday as a hurricane. Today, it’s a tropical storm guranteed to bring heavy rainfalls and cause issues to those in living in the Gulf Coast. It’s definitely the topic of conversation online and I noticed something I had not seen before on Beth Kantor’s blog, online volunteers.

Andy Carvin, vlogger, blogger, NPR social media guy; man about town, tweeted about needing volunteers for Hurricane Ida (now a tropical storm) and needing volunteers to help update and this thread to help get volunteers going. It’s all very simple and just takes a few minutes to post something that will undoubtedly help those affected.

Now, if your from Michigan like I am, you don’t need to prepare for hurricanes (snow, yes, but not hurricanes). However, HurricaneWiki, a project of the Hurricane Information Center proves necessary after last year’s Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

When kept updated and maintained, people can use this online site to seek out help and to help others. It’s a great effective way of bringing resources together.

If you can help,please visit the Getting Ready for Idea site and the HurricaneWiki page .


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