Thursday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on July 30, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy will be hosting an online discussion today, at 3:30 pm, entitled “Shaking up Journalism and Philanthropy.” 

2. Have Fun, Do Good posted a small piece entitled “13 Tips for Mobilizing Online Action.” This piece is summary of an event the author attended hosted by The Hub Bay Area. The event was entitled “Money, Mobs, and Media: Mobilizing Action for Change.”

3. Tactical Philanthropy posted an audio clip of NPR’s Talk of the Nation on July 28th entitled “Harlem Children’s Zone Breaks Poverty Pattern.” 

4. IdealWare published an article entitled “Social Networking-Is it really all that it is Cracked up to be?” This piece contains some of the answers to questions one may be asking about social media. 

5. Social Effect featured a post entitled “3 Reasons Why Your Great Idea Doesn’t Yet Exist.” This post encourages people to use caution and do plenty of research before launching a new idea. 

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