The Hope Process: A New Kind of Giving

Posted by laurelgerard on July 28, 2009

This past week I had the privilege of speaking with the founder of a new innovative charity channel, The Hope Process. Dino Sgueglia, president and founder of The Hope Process, has for a long time been involved in charity work and philanthropy.

Initially he worked to raise money for children afflicted with autism, including starting a foundation known as “Danny’s Wish.” Mr. Sgueglia has used and participated in traditional money raising tactics in order to fund charities, including diner and golf events. He quickly found however that in this depleting economy, traditional money raising tactics were no longer working. He began trying to think of other ways to raise money for charities other than accepting donations.

Mr. Sgueglia has been the president of a credit card processing company known as IRN for over 21 years. During the interview he explained that the idea for The Hope Process just came to him one night. He said, “Why don’t I do what I do to raise money for my company, for charities.” The Hope Process was designed to provide charitable organizations with a steady stream of recurring donations.  It entitles business to a rebate on credit card processing, which may be donated to the charity of their choice. In doing this, Mr. Sgueglia’s company is providing a steady flow of donations for charities while ensuring a sustainable donor base for the charity. Not only do charities receive a steady flow of donations, but the business that donates their rebate to a charity receives a tax deduction for their donations.

This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to give back to their communities, free of charge. Mr. Sgueglia urges businesses to get involved, explaining that The Hope Process isn’t too good to be true. It is honestly the best way for businesses to donate to their charities of choice at no additional charge or expense to both the business or charity.


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