Help Fully Fund the Serve America Act!!

Posted by Zach Maurin on July 23, 2009

See below and please add your voice by calling your Senator…
Dear zach,

We don’t have a ton of time, so let me get right to the point:

President Obama requested an awesome budget for the Corporation for National and Community Service ($1.149 billion!!) to implement the Serve America Act. But unfortunately, the House Appropriators recently underfunded the President’s request by $90 million.

We can’t let the same thing happen in the Senate! We have a window of opportunity to do something about it, but it’s closing. We need TONS of calls before close of business on Friday, July 24.

Can you call your Senators and Senators Harkin and Cochran who lead the Appropriations Committee and encourage them: “Please fully fund the President’s request for the Serve America Act.” See below for additional talking points.

Call Senator Harkin: 202-224-3254.
Call Senator Cochran: 202-224-5054.
Call the Senate operator to be connected to your Senators: 202-224-3121. You can also visit to find the phone numbers.

By fully funding the Serve America Act, programs like AmeriCorps, Learn & Serve, and the Social Innovation Fund will have the resources to address growing demand for Americans who want to serve while addressing the growing needs facing so many communities.

Can you join thousands of others around the country in calling Senators Harkin and Cochran, while also calling your own Senators? This is a big step to make sure service gets the funding it needs and deserves.

As always, let me know if you have any questions and thanks for taking a minute to make these critical calls!

In Service,

Zach Maurin,

Talking points and more information:
• Please fully fund the President’s budget request for the Corporation for National and Community Service, $1.149 billion.
• The House bill underfunded the President’s request by $90 million and provided less funding for AmeriCorps, Volunteer Generation and the Social Innovation Fund.
• The economic downturn has placed an enormous burden on local social service agencies who are overwhelmed by increased demand for services. National service provides human capital to struggling nonprofits, schools and community agencies.
• Demand for AmeriCorps positions has long outstripped the number available, but now it is exploding even further in response to the tough job market and the President’s repeated calls for Americans to serve. Americans are eager to give back, and CNCS reports that AmeriCorps applications have increased over 200 percent this year.
• The Serve America Act passed Congress in March with broad bipartisan support. Funding the programs authorized in the bill at the President’s requested-level is a good first step in delivering on the promise of that important bill.

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  1. […] July 24, 2009 Social Innovation Fund Round-Up Posted by zachmaurin under Innovation, Serve America Act, service Leave a Comment  There has been lots of discussion and questions about the Social Innovation Fund (part of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act)  around the internet, so here is a round-up of various articles and resources about it.  It’s also important to mention the President Obama requested $50 million for the Fund next year, but the House of Representatives Appropriators only approved $35 million (while also funding other service programs below the President’s request).  Senate Appropriators are deliberating now, so call and ask them to fully fund the Serve America Act.  More info and phone numbers here. […]

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