Tuesday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on July 14, 2009

1. The Donor Power Blog made mention of an article published by Fundraising Success entitled “Easier Said Than Done: Three Laws of Fundraising Dynamics.” This article is an eloquently written piece about three important laws of fundraising and their importance. 

2. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that a Key House Committee voted to spend less than President Obama wanted on community service and new funds to support innovative charities last week. This decision to cut spending rooted from a governmental budget process. 

3. Blackbaud reported the second quarter of the 2009 Online Giving Trend. In general the report suggests an increase in online giving. 

4. The A. Fine Blog posted a quick announcement concerning The Christian Children’s Fund. The organization has changed its name to ChildFund International. To celebrate this change the organization will be offering items from its gift catalog for every 200 Twitter followers gained. These gift items will directly benefit children in Gambia, Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. 

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5. The Philanthropy Journal published a piece entitled “Unemployed Volunteers at Food Banks, Museums, and Nonprofits.” This piece reports that many of the 700,000 unemployed in Michigan find it better to volunteer their time than simply do nothing while unable to find jobs in this current economy.


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