Thursday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on July 9, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy published a piece entitled “Nonprofit News Site Makes Debut in Seattle.” This piece reports that seven journalists have started a nonprofit organization created to pursue investigative reporting in the Western US and Canada.

2. The Triple Pundit announced that Nau is accepting nominees for Grant for Change. Nau, a clothing retailer, is promising to award a grant to any of the following:

“Athletes-who are challenging assumptions about what it means to move through the world. Artists, designers or other creatives-who are moved to design better solutions to the world’s greatest problems. Activists-who are seeding positive change in their communities, and moving others to do the same.” 



3. The Nonprofit Marketing Guide published a piece entitled “Nonprofit Blogs: 5 Reasons You Do & Don’t Need One.” This piece lists five reasons a nonprofit may need a blog, and five reasons a nonprofit may not need one. 

4. The Charity Navigator Blog announced that a recent study by the Foundation Center found that giving to women’s and girl’s causes has increased. 

5. The Philanthropy Journal published a piece entitled “Five Leaders Get Sabbatical Grants.” The piece reports that the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation donated grants to five North Carolina nonprofit leaders to take paid sabbaticals for three to six months. 


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