Thursday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on July 2, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is conducting an online discussion next week. “Monthly Giving” will be a discussion concerning nonprofits setting up successful monthly donation programs. It will be held on July 7th at noon. 

2. The Chronicle of Philanthropy announced that the Rockefeller Foundation has promised to donate $100-million dollars over the next five years to help impoverished nations improve their health-care systems. 

3. A new program just started by the IRN Payment Systems called “The Hope Process.” This program’s mission is “to provide charitable organizations with a steady stream of recurring monthly donations.” The Hope Process provides a rebate to their merchants based on their credit card processing fees, in turn those processing fees get donated to a charitable organization of the merchant’s choice. This program is an absolutely free way for businesses to give back to a charity of their choosing. 

4. The Fabulous Giver made mention to the 20th year anniversary of a program known as “Look Good…Feel Better!” This program helps cancer patients deal with the physical changes that occur when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation."Hope Is Beautiful" Execution

5. Technola made mention to a piece entitled “What Makes for a Good Blog?” This piece outlines nine qualities essential to a substantial blog. Such requirements include that good blogs must have a voice, good blogs must be slightly odd, and good blogs must make others want to start a blog of their own. 

6. The Philanthropy Journal published a piece entitled “Foundation Creates Evaluation Toolkit.” This piece reports that the Jame Irvine Foundation has developed a set of evaluation tools for funders. The compilation of these tools has been published as the The Evaluation Kit for Trustees, which is available online.


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