Wednesday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on July 1, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy published a piece entitled “Basketball Star Starts Charity in China.” This piece discusses NBA star Kobe Bryant, who has started the Kobe Bryant China Fund. This charity will work to raise money within the country for education and health programs. 

2. Take Part published a piece entitled “Box Tops for Education: Who Knew?!” This piece discusses the funds schools can collect through the box tops located on products produced by General Mills. 

3. The New York Times published an article entitled “Foundations Trim Staffs After Assets Slide Lower.” This article, written by Stephanie Storm, discusses the job cuts and other adjustments that many American foundations have had to make in order to survive in the current economy.

4. The Philanthropy Journal published a piece that outlined six essential traits of a volunteer campaign chair. 

5. The Philanthropy Project published an article entitled “Charity Gives Bikes to Zambian Children.” The article explains how an American charity gave 50,000 bicycles to Zambian children.


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