Keeping the Discussion Going

Posted by Zach Maurin on June 28, 2009

Last week the National Conference on Volunteering and Service concluded.  It was a great few days of interesting discussions, meeting new people, and building on existing relationships.  First Lady Michelle Obama and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke.  Bon Jovi sang.  And most importantly: some 4,500 service champions, leaders, and believers from all sectors gathered.  There is serious momentum and energy around service.

So over the next couple of weeks I’m going to write a bunch of blog posts that discuss the ideas that I encountered during conference sessions, while asking additional questions and drawing out the topics a bit more.  I encourage others to ask questions or make comments in the comments sections whether they were at the conference or not.

Some of the topics I’m going to discuss include:

  • Is Causes on Facebook all about the money?
  • Supporting members/volunteers in self-organizing efforts
  • Renaming the non-profit sector
  • Storytelling as a best practice by Andy Goodman
  • Volunteer management and capacity
  • AmeriCorps alumni are everywhere
  • Moving from service to civics and building community will
  • The launch of All for Good

Bon Jovi Performing at 2009 Service Conference

First Lady Michelle Obama at openning of 2009 Service Conference

Conference attendees gather for openning ceremony


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