Wednesday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on June 24, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy published a piece entitled “Study Finds Washington-Area Charities Dangerously Low on Cash.” This piece explains that even before the recession, many Washington-area nonprofit groups were having serious financial trouble. 

2. Getting Attention announced the “Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards.” Submissions will be taken until July 31st. 

Enter HereTagline_2009_small_1

3. The Charity Navigator Blog published a piece entitled “New York Luxury Condo “Goes” Homeless Shelter.” The piece explains that a new luxury condo development in Brooklyn has in fact been converted into a homeless shelter. 

4. Causecast published an article entitled “How Can Nonprofits Take Advantage of Uniter We Serve?” This article details how nonprofit organizations are using the United We Serve campaign to further their missions. 

5. What Do You Stand For? announced that Cone released the Nonprofit Power Brand 100 List. At the top of the list was the YMCA. 



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