Thursday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on June 18, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported on the President’s National-Service Campaign. The report emphasized that President Obama is encouraging Americans to volunteer during the summer in areas such as clean energy, education, and health care. 

2. published a piece entitled “The Early Days of Nonprofits on the Web.” This piece recounts the initial usage of the internet by nonprofit organizations. 

3. Tactical Philanthropy made mention to an article published by Business Weekly entitled “Turning Nonprofits into For-Profits.” This article reports on recent developments in some nonprofit organizations, developments which allows these organizations to have a corporate structure while still putting their missions first. 

4. The Charity Navigator Blog published a piece entitled “Give Dad the Gift of Charity.” This piece suggests the Good Card as an appropriate and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day. The good card can be given as a donation to any charity of the recipient’s choice. 

5. Entry Level Living published a piece entitled “Social Media Resources for the Young Social Change Job Seekers in New York.” This piece gives ideas on how to search for a job in the field of social change in New York City. Suggestions include networking via Facebook, Twitter, and group and e-mail alerts.

6. Marketing for Nonprofits announced that a free e-mail marketing guide is available. The Nonprofit Email Marketing Guide outlines 7 steps to bettering email fundraising and communications. 


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