Peace Corps Rally Photos

Posted by Zach Maurin on June 16, 2009

Rally participants march to the White House

Saturday’s rally for a bold, new Peace Corps was a great event.  Planned in less than two weeks a few hundred people, great international music, great leaders, and a lot of energy descended on Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC.

We heard from college students who want to do the Peace Corps and from the Jamaican Ambassador to America who talked about how much the Peace Corps did in his country; we heard from former Senator Harris Wofford who helped start the Peace Corps and was right there at the front of the crowd during our march to the White House; we heard from Rajeev Goyal who has led the More Peace Corps Campaign with an incredible amount of heart and hard work.

There is still lots of to do to ensure our leaders in Congress support a Peace Corps at a time when America needs to improve its standing in the world by continuing to help other nations.  To learn more and get involved visit

There is also an article in the Huffington Post about the rally and the Peace Corps’ future.

Thanks to Chris Golden of myImpact for the photos!

MorePeaceCorps - Newsletter #21 (ww

Outside the White House

Timothy Shriver, whose dad Sargant Shriver helped start the Peace Corps, gets the crowd ready for the march to the White House


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