Monday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on June 15, 2009

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy announced that on Saturday, June 13th, Facebook now offers vanity addresses. Therefore, Facebook users will now be able to create customized Web addresses. This can be useful to nonprofit organizations that have group pages, as web addresses can be chosen and ultimately easier to share.

2. Debra Askanase published an article, posted on Community Organizer 2.0, entitled “Using Social Media in Your Nonprofit: Overcoming Objections.”  The article covers several questions and concerns that come up when using social media. Such concerns include safety when using the internet, handling negative feedback to material posted on social media websites, and finding staff to maintain material posed online. 

3. Charity Navigator posted a piece entitled “San Francisco Charities Facing Tough Times.” A survey performed by the United Way of the Bay Area suggested that one third of organizations that participated in the survey are expecting to close in the next year. 

4. Blackbaud announced that the Digital Leap Conference is being held in London today, June 15th. The conference surrounds topics such as fundraising, social networking, and online charities. You can follow the conference on twitter

 Logo: Digital Leap

5. ImpactMax published an article entitled “Social Math: Yes…data can tell stories too.” This article details the use of social math in nonprofit blogging, as social math “is a simple way to make data easier to grasp by relating it to things that we already understand. It’s a way of presenting numbers in real-life, familiar context that helps people see the story behind them.” 

6. Fast Company posted a piece written by Alice Korngold entitled “Building Better Boards: For-Profits and Nonprofits.” This piece expresses the idea that a corporation’s board is only effective when there are a group of people with a variety of skills, experiences, and expertise involved.


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