Thursday Highlights

Posted by laurelgerard on June 11, 2009

1. Blackbaud announced the GivingUSA Foundation’s annual Report on Philanthropy for 2008.

2. Causecast recently published an article entitled “Summer of Service: How the White House is Transforming the American Community.” The summer of service will focus on four major components: energy/environment, education, health care, and community renewal.

3. The Open Hands Blog made mention of an article written by Courtney E. Martin entitled “The Future of Philanthropy.” This article details that funders are looking for a less hands on approach to philanthropy. They are interested in donating, but desire to leave the actual public service to the leaders of grassroots movements.

4. Entry Level Living wrote a report concerning the Do Something Awards, an event honoring five young individuals who have contributed to social change. The winner of the night, Maggie Doyne, won $100,000 to support her organization, an orphanage in Nepal.

5. Nonprofits 2.o published an article entitled “15 Steps to Launching a Successful E-mail Petition Campaign.” Some of the areas covered in this article include length of the petition, the use of an e-mail newsletter, and the use of online networks.

6. New Voices of Philanthropy posted some information concerning how to network in rural areas. This information outlines four important rules when networking in rural areas: 1. Don’t Burn Your Bridges, 2. Relationships are Everywhere, 3. Be Patient-Be Flexible, and 4. Learn to face your foes head-on.


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