A Student Prospective

Posted by Zach Maurin on April 3, 2009

Graduating college seniors have been struggling since September to secure their futures.  Since the economic crisis these students have only been worried about one thing, getting a job after college.  
    The Serve America Act gives these worrying minds another answer: service.  The legislation creates more job opportunities in a not-so traditional sense.  AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Teach for America will be able to accept more graduates into their programs from increased funding.  
    “Anyone can serve,” said Krystal Brun, a sophomore at the George Washington University.  “No matter what you go to school for, there is a place for you in the service sector.  And that is what makes this increase to service so important.”
    Brun is right.  Whether a student is graduating with a political science, biology, or anthropology degree there is a service opportunity to his/her name on it waiting to be taken.
    There is no better time for this legislation.  With jobs disappearing left and right, everyone, no matter what age, needs a back up plan for the future.  Service gives the comfort of having security, drive to do good, and the reward of helping the nation’s future.
    “I know I have a few years before I graduate, but service is looking to be a great option for me,” Brun explained.  “Whether that be teaching science for Teach for America or joining AmeriCorps, I am seriously considering helping my country without picking up a weapon.”
    The Serve America Act allows Brun to more options than ever before.  Who knows where the economy will be in two years, but service will always be there.


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