We Did It!

Posted by Zach Maurin on March 27, 2009

Yesterday, the Senate passed the Serve America Act 79-19. This bipartisan vote was more than we could ever ask. You can see just how your senator voted at

With the passing of this legislation you must give yourself a pat on the back. No one organization or individual could have done this. And we have every one of you to thank for making your voice heard in so many different ways.

You may be wondering what the next steps are. Because there were two different versions that went through the House and the Senate they must be combined and approved again. The House will receive the Serve America Act sometime next week to approve the changes from the Senate. Hopefully that vote will be just as bipartisan as the previous votes. Once approved by the House the bill goes to President Barack Obama to be signed into law!

Thank you again for all of your hard work ad support. And please do not forget to thank your Senator/Representative. Click the link to sign a thank you card to Congress.


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