Three Ideas for McCain

Posted by Zach Maurin on November 21, 2008

1.Too often common-good ideas like national service get brushed aside to make time for “bigger” issues.  Senator McCain could make a serious commitment to continue talking about “serving a cause greater than self” — the phrase he campaigned with so much.  He could mention it during interviews with the media, feature it on his website, and send out an email to his supporters asking them to serve.

2. Many of his colleagues in the Senate will say that this issue is not a priority.  Senator McCain knows first-hand the benefit of service to those who serve and to the strength of our country.  He can personally reach out to those who doubt national service and get them behind it.  He could use the current economic situation to make his case: service provides jobs, addresses needs as social services lose money, and provides scholarships to those who serve.  

3. Lastly, Senator McCain could make a publicized phone call to President-Elect Obama specifically about service.  He could pledge his allegiance in helping Obama with this issue.  Such a move would send a signal to the American people and to his fellow Republicans.

The American people heard promises of bi-partisanship on the campaign trail.  Senator McCain’s heroic service and great support for this cause could back-up those promises if he, fellow Republicans, and Democrats join efforts and make service a priority for all elected leaders and for our country.      


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