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Posted by Zach Maurin on July 24, 2008

Please Don’t Stop the Music!
The Huffington Post reports that MusicianCorps—piloted by the Music National Service Initiative (MNSi)—dedicated to public schools and underserved communities will sharpen critical skills a child needs to succeed in the creative economy and “solve our greatest future challenges.”

With a “musical Peace Corps,” children will have a greater chance at becoming more innovative while having fun. Studies have shown that music education increase concentration abilities and intuitive and conceptual thinking. Moreover, kids love music and “nothing engages young people in this process of learning better than music and the arts.”

Big Enough to Matter
Just how big…is big? The growth of various social media worldwide is big. Social Citizens have listed a few factual tidbits from the report Wave.3, which chronicles the growth of social media. Some are noteworthy, like the fact that 83% of people are watching online videos, an increase from 62% at the time of the last study in June 2007. In addition, 78% of people are reading blogs, an increase from 66% in the previous study. More than half of internet users are members of social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Coming Together to Reduce Abuse
The new report, “Strategies to Reduce Child and Family Poverty” from the National Governor’s Association highlights the main causes of poverty and offers various ways of reducing this longstanding issue. The report encourages state leaders to pursue several policy and program options, such as: expand safety-net opportunities for families in crisis, increase the returns on work, improve access to work supports and invest in young children, to name a few. The report can be viewed in PDF format in its entirety at the Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America.

Baby Boomers aka Graying Do-Gooders
It isn’t even close to being over for the Boomers. Many blogs, including America Forward, have reported on a large number of Baby Boomers who are considering taking up “encore careers” in the social sector, instead of retiring. Although service is still an ever-growing passion of the young, older Americans want to serve and bring along with them their experience, wisdom and expertise. Nicholas Kristof, an Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times, says, “The best things that graying do-gooders bring to philanthropy is their management experience and Rolodexes.”

McCain for “A Nation of Service”
On September 11, 2008, presidential hopeful, John McCain, will speak at a national forum held by ServiceNation—a coalition of various service groups, including AARP and United way of America—reports the Associated Press. He will highlight the importance of remembrance for those who have served as well as focus on how to “inspire others to serve causes greater than their own self-interest through national and community service.”


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