AmeriCorps members helping during floods

Posted by Zach Maurin on June 17, 2008

This morning, MSNBC has published a great article highlighting the work of AmeriCorps members providing urgent assistance as the Mississippi River rises.  The article highlights the work of two incredible corps members who are doing superhero type work.

The piece says, “They are too modest to make any such claim themselves, but this hamlet’s epic battle against the surging Mississippi River would almost certainly not be going as well as it is were it not for Henning, 25, Rooney, 23, and a handful of their AmeriCorps teammates.”

And props to the writer, Mike Stuckey of MSNBC, for saying this: “The next time you feel like kvetching about how the federal government wastes your tax dollars, think about Kyle Henning and Katie Rooney. For health insurance, a few hundred bucks a month, a small educational grant and all the ready-to-eat meals they can stomach, they just might save your town.”

And for my favorite line comes from one of the featured AmeriCorps members: “Others are worried about getting started in the work world and “don’t realize the career advantages” of experiences like AmeriCorps, she adds.”

Read the whole article at:


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