Blogging the Rachael Ray Show…?

Posted by Zach Maurin on April 30, 2008

Don’t judge quite yet…

I was shuffling through TV stations this morning and I stopped because Rachael Ray was interviewing Maria Shriver.  I generally find RR a bit annoying, but I stopped to see if they would talk about service.  They sure did.   Maria spoke about her work in the community and efforts to build more playgrounds in California; she discussed encouraging her children to give back.  Nothing ground breaking, but anytime someone talks about service it’s a good thing.  
However, more interestingly, they also spoke about a new, socially responsible ice cream company that Maria started called Lovin’ Scoopful.  The company gives 25% of its profits to the Special Olympics and other causes.  Sharing profits is growing model in social responsibility, but 25% is a tremendous percentage.  The highest I’ve heard about before this was 10%.  It will be interesting to see how business — and philanthropy — progresses.

Maria is also hitting the bookstores and talk shows to discuss her new book, Just Who Will You Be?


One Response to “Blogging the Rachael Ray Show…?”

  1. Sara said

    Its good that she donates, but sometimes “service” is used as a marketing tool. I think she could do a better
    service if she got her incompetent husband to resign.

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