Remember 41

Posted by Zach Maurin on April 7, 2008

Yesterday evening in Manchester, New Hampshire 41 residents participated in the launch of the National Service Express Tour and the launch of the New Hampshire Chapter of ServeNext. It’s exciting that they attended the event, for sure. But what I think is more exciting is what 41 will turn into from here. If you ask me, it’s “future in the making!”

This group represents citizens who are willing to take action and have a “say” in our politics so that national service programs begin receiving more support from our elected leaders and can be a national priority. A major problem across the country is that citizens are acting like “consumers” of politics and of civic discourse, instead of participating in the process and being heard through collective action. Too many people seem to think that public policy and politics are decisions left for experts, the wealthy, and the well-connected. This group of 41 knows better.

They realize that by coming together, advocating for a common-good issue, and taking collective action that they can have a ton of influence to ensure that national service becomes a national priority. However, it starts in their community where they will work to build support amongst New Hampshire leaders. As that 41 grows, as they succeed in New Hampshire, imagine what will happen across the country.

The National Service Express is continuing on today where it will launch our Boston Chapter. And then on to Cleveland and Columbus. After Ohio, the tour will traverse the country, launching a total of 30 ServeNext Chapters to advocate urgently in 2008 for bold national service expansion.

Remember 41 not because they kicked-off the bus tour. Remember that number because we are going to witness across the country how groups of citizens can be incredibly effective participants in determining our national priorities. In fact, don’t just witness it…join it!


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